Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Here I come!

Last night we toasted the New Year at 9pm. Champagne, sparkling cider, the whole bit. It's really not that strange when you consider that my friends and I have young children.
After a brief debate over what time it was on the east coast (Arizona doesn't do daylight savings), the talk turned to New Years resolutions. To my horror, they insisted on going around the circle and having a response from everyone. As someone who as a matter of policy does not "do" New Years resolutions, this grabbed me off guard. What to say? I can't lie, give some glib response, there is something sacred in the pick. The mere utterance reeks of commitment.

Even now that I technically have a "resolution" I hate the thought of it. But here it goes, I am putting it out there. This year I am striving to be the woman God designed me to be. This year I am grabbing on to my true self, and holding fast. This year I will be intentional. Isn't that a good resolution? What if we all did that?

Did you ever have that feeling deep inside that you were supposed to be greater? That feeling that there was something much more for you, a desire to soar, to cast off fear and fly? That's God. He made us to be so much more than we are. That's what he wants for us. Sometimes we just need to get out of our own way. So I guess for me that's where the intentional part comes in, intentional with time, and direction. And this is a toughie. But now it's out there. See how that works?